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As a long time user of EFT, I have enjoyed its many benefits, but there is a certain population of people who have tried and really wanted it to work, as well as it has for the many creators of specialized EFT books/courses, etc. who espouse it so loudly. However, it never quite had that impact on me.

The number one sign that a healing modality is legitimate to me, is the element of Feeling what you've been resisting.

You have that with Sedona Method

Also with the Focusing method by Eugene G.

And, as just discussed, EFT involves feeling what's coming up that is blocking your joy, or productivity, or peace, etc...

However, nothing has done it for me quicker and more powerfully than pstec.

There's something very effective about this particular technology that is used, called Percussive Suggestive Technique. The combinations of

  1. You're Feeling the emotions fully during the process ...
  2. and tapping with your fingers to the synchrony of audio beats in your ears ...
  3. and there are suggestions that, while are audible, are designed to be heard by the part of your mind that affects the powerful change

.. all contribute to a very powerful Emotional Healing tool.

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