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Lester Levenson and the Release Technique

After reading an article by someone who had related his experience with attracting things easier with more "detachment", I learned about the The Release Technique and some background on Larry Crane. My curiosity about who was originally behind this emotional balancing release method - Lester Levenson - started to intensify. I found out that Lester had written several books to my amazement, and his teachings resembled a lot of what Ernest Holmes believed and taught.

In the book, Happiness Is Free, Levenson included some biographical information and mentioned the amazing miraculous results when he decided to just start Loving others with absolutely no conditions.

A particular momentous victory originating from this altered way of Being, was his decision to just feel honest to goodness love for a woman who had broken up with him and genuinely wished her success in her love life with whomever she met.

After this opening of his heart, it was like the world conspired to treat him like a king. He found parking spaces easily, was always waited on first, and received almost supernatural level of kind treatment from strangers everywhere. There was no escape from the avalanche of love being expressed toward him !

In The Ultimate Truth About Love & Happiness, Levenson expounds on the simple Laws of the Universe and the basics of how to manifest Health and Abundance.

Example nuggets of wisdom from The Ultimate Truth:

"Never think of things as coming in the future, as the mind will keep it in the future. See it, feel it, taste it, possess it as your own. Do not see it in its 'will-be-ness."

"Work in secrecy. Telling one what you want weakens the drive. After obtaining it, you may tell."

"Supply is infinite. Never compete."

"A full conviction that we have everything that we need as we need it will do just that."

This is the genesis of how techniques such as The Release Technique came about. Levenson knew that we are a part of the whole, and that what we are, is already abundance.  Letting go of patterns of beliefs and of worrying about our "piece of the cake" is what repels the natural wealth and health that is already ours. 


And yes, a powerful way of removing limiting beliefs, is by first diving into an emotion that has at its cause, a core limiting belief.

Many people find it scary or threatening to shut off external noise (radio,TV,Internet, etc..) and just sit in an armchair and dive into a Feeling that had always been there, and have scary things to tell you if you listened to it.

This comes from the mystery of what you might experience while sitting there, immersing yourself in it.

There are other ways of letting go of abundance-blocking beliefs such as writing down a list of beliefs, which is great.

However, experiencing emotions and then agreeing to let them go via a powerful Technique can be the Quantum leap toward being someone akin to Neo who has realized that the outside world is illusion and the Outside World's only power is the collection of one's beliefs about the Universe.

. It is the simple, but profound methods of techniques such as this which while known for thousands of years, is presented in a focused set of instructions such as this:

Releasing any doubt or beliefs of lack that may have been conditioned into us, leaves us open to a deeply felt conviction that attracts our abundance to us.