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A More Layman's Look at Quantum Physics

The basics of quantum physics: a little dose of science for those who may find difficulty in believing in the Unseen.

Difficulty in believing in what the ancient mystics taught about the magnetic nature of our thoughts does not cancel out the Law of Attraction that is always applicable in our life, 24/7. The doubts can originate from a number of reasons.

Maybe we wonder why our parents didn't tell us as kids, about how the circumstances in our life are shaped by the continual stream of thoughts, especially the emotionally-charged ones. Didn't they know, and didn't their parents know about this power? The basics of quantum physics tells us that observing creates reality, however our conscious thoughts, directed by our beliefs, don't seem to remain on one objective long enough to outpicture any one desired result.

Other questions include: Why did my ancestors going back several generations before that, believe strictly in this material world that we see before us, and thus the need for working hard and hoping for good fortune? So it's easy to start thinking: "Maybe they know something that I should just accept as fact - I need to work hard, and stop this crazy belief that I could create the ideal life, and create this life while doing things that I love."

Most of the world tends to be asleep as to how much control they really have over their life. What these ancestors knew, amounts simply to what the beliefs were that were installed over time, below the level of waking consciousness. They saw struggle around them, believed it must be their fate, and didn't venture out beyond the barrier of their habitual thinking. So as well-intentioned as they were, they simply opted to stay inside their comfort-zone, and to buy into everything their parents taught them.

Aside from entertaining these kinds of doubts, there is also the stumbling block that, as Beings who were given this Intellect thing, we love to reason things out. A favorite conclusion we like to arrive at: "Brains must be where it's at, since we were given one."

Also, we think that because of the fact that we were endowed with five senses, and when we look in the mirror, we can see these five organs (our eyes, ears, mouth, nose, our hands ), then it means that these "instruments" or abilities must be what we are supposed to use to observe what reality is and hope these material things get better somehow. We're also conditioned to believe that our hands exist for the sole reason that there is no other way to create our circumstances - hard work is it.

Questions such as: How did that person come to own this company, or this other person rise to such heights, and without reading any self-help material? It's more of the same: We love to trying to figure things out with our conscious mind. Here is the major flaw in this type of thinking: Money. It seems to be the only guideline by which success is measured. "If I only have this much in my bank account, then it means I have to earn as much as these people in this celebrity reality show on television, before I could hope for a minimum level of happiness."

Money is a human invention for making sense of the need for trading services and goods. That's it. If the Observer inside us notices only an awareness of being money-challenged, then there is no focus left in the day, for creating exactly the result we want. With the knowledge made available for thousands of years, and what Science is making more apparent, one would come to the realization that we are the "driver" of this material thing we call the body, and that what we are is an individualization of an all-encompassing: "I AM", and we were Aware before this I AM even adopted material bodies to slip into and experience itself. And our ability to channel a constant focus of thoughts, with Feeling, is the only currency required to find ourselves into the type of material life we desire. If money is the best way to take us there, we obey the suddenly quickening subtle signals within us to look more into a particular talent we've neglected. Or the house could come in a different way that does not involve using this human invention called cash.

It's an interesting topic to bring up as to why my negative emotions hinder any consistent visualization work, and how to get rid of stubborn mental chattering, doubts, fears, etc. But it is not as interesting as simply using tools such as EFT, or other releasing methods such as the release technique, to just neutralize something when it comes up. We can go very far in just deciding that we don't need to take pleasure in being victims anymore, in life and in our relationships. We can simply stop deciding to invest in "payoffs". Specifically, this might mean that below the surface we might believe that if we began living in our dream home, we no longer have the payoff of having a poor-me conversation with a parent or friend, and this could lead to no more juicy conversation topic, and loneliness could be the result. These are "unwitting intentions" that interfere with the out picturing of the new home. Sometimes, all it takes is just a couple minutes in silence to unwind a couple of layers of these below-the-surface "pay offs". When all is said and done, being someone who owns a home near a lake, requires Thinking, and Feeling like someone who does. Really intending with our whole being, but first knowing what our deep Intentions are before changing them. For different people, it might mean taking a different route. The new physics backing up the law of attraction will work for us whether we imagine the worst and dwell in doubt, or stay centered in a peaceful feeling that we are already abundant.

Losing Faith is just a convenient Ego strategy for not wanting to be really aware of what our deepest thoughts are. Because it's those thoughts deeply felt and accepted that shape our reality.

Steve Bailey 2015